Here are the answers to our most common questions:


What is DropShop?

We are a service that aims to lower the entry barriers into dropshipping by helping individuals build and manage their websites. DropShop provides customers with a personalized website stocked with winning products chosen by our algorithm to give you an advantage over competitors.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method that does not require a business to keep products in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases that product from a third-party supplier at a discount and ships it directly to the customer. This allows the merchant to profit on the difference between the customer sale price and the supplier purchase price without ever handling the product.

How does DropShop Work?

the DropShop builds its customers a personalized website stocked with winning products that are selected by our algorithms within 24 hours of signing-up.


Depending on which package you choose when signing up, you will be given a custom-made website designed personally for you, along with products that are selected based on seasonal trends and consumer product ratings to boost your store’s performance. Worried about seasonal trends and demand shifts? Fear not, DropShop will automatically update your store with the most popular products on the market through its uniquely built algorithms.


While DropShop stores are built to automate the transaction and shipping process between you and the customer, you can choose to manually add your own products and edit your pre-built website. We highly recommend that our clients run their own advertisements, as it is the main factor that will drive customers and sales to your DropShop. If this is too time-intensive for you, we encourage you to use the DropShop Plus Plan; simply provide us with a marketing budget, and we’ll run and manage your ads.

Can I use product pictures from my supplier?

Yes. Many dropshippers use their supplier’s product pictures in their own stores. However, if you choose to manually source some of your own products, we highly advise that you remove any branded names, watermarks, or logos from their product images. This is to avoid your customers from seeing any unprofessional images that could associate your store with a low-quality product. It also doesn’t hurt to reach out to the supplier and ask.

How long does it take to make the first sale?

The time frame is truly dependent on you. We have given you all the tools, so with a little bit of time invested in creating an ad and running it on social media platforms, you can start generating cash flow in days.

What is the shipping timeframe after a product is sold on my site?

The items will be shipped directly from the suppliers to your client. We highly recommend that you list your shipping policy and communicate it clearly in your online store. Furthermore, we recommend offering FREE shipping, which will act as a marketable advantage and the customer will likely be more flexible with delivery times.

How can I change currency in my store?

There is a plug-in already established for you to change the currency in your store.

What will my store's return policy be?

Your store will have no returns. This is because it is infeasible to send the products back to their original vendors.

How do I setup my DNS?

How much money do I need to start?

All you need to start is the cost of the subscription and a unique domain for your store. That will provide you with a customized store, preloaded products, and DropShop customer service to run your site and manage your orders. Just a quick heads up: Before dropshipping, make sure that you have the capital for “overhead,” which occurs if your client returns an item and the supplier has a no return policy.

How long does it take to receive my store?

We guarantee that you will receive your store within 24 hours. We want to see all of our customers succeed, and that starts with building you a high-quality store as quickly as possible. Currently, our main marketing strategy is word of mouth and limited social media marketing; we hope that if you enjoy using our service that you will share it with others. It’s a win-win relationship between us and our clients!

Why does DropShop build stores for a minimal price?

We feel our time is best allocated to helping people build dropshipping stores while also acting as facilitators. We find creating and managing stores at scale to be more effective and time-efficient for both us and our customers than simply building our own store. In essence, we are diversifying our efforts to a number of businesses, which allows us to decrease our risk and simultaneously increase customer profits. Our mindset is: if our customers do well, we do well. Thus, we want the best for them and work hard to build unique, logistically automated stores for them to market.

What is the Plus Plan?

If you lack the time or experience to advertise on your own, you can enroll in the DropShop Plus Plan, an automated advertising plan for your store. Simply provide us with an advertising budget within your range (minimum $30 per month), and we will advertise your store on large online platforms. We will also provide you with monthly ad traffic and Google Analytics reports to better understand how online advertising impacts your store. Online advertising will identify customers within your target market and drive traffic to your store, significantly increasing the probability of larger sales volume. Regardless of whether or not you enroll in a DropShop Plus Plan, we strongly recommend that all of our clients advertise their eCommerce stores online.

How do cancellations work?

As a paid member of DropShop, you are free to cancel your plan at any time. Simply contact our support team at support@dropshophub.com and request for your account to be cancelled and your website will be taken down. Upon canceling, you will be credited your DropShop store account balance into your linked bank account. If you are currently in a free trial period, you can simply cancel the service and your account will be deleted.

How do I take money I have made out of my DropShop account?

If you want to cash out on your account sales, simply email support@dropshophub.com and we will deposit the requested amount into the account associated with your DropShop store. If you do not request to withdraw your earnings, they will automatically be deposited in your given bank account at the end of every month. The transaction process may take up to 14 days to process so please be patient, and as soon as you know you want to take out your earnings, be sure to let us know!

How should I price my products?

It varies, but we highly recommend pricing the products at least 50% more than the cost. When a customer sees a higher-priced item, they will associate that product with better quality and will be more willing to buy it.

When do I get paid?

Once every week, you will get paid via Stripe what you made from delivered orders from your store.