This is how DropShop started:

What is DropShop?

We are an ecommerce development company that helps ambitious entrepreneurs build lucrative online businesses by providing a full spectrum of web-based services. We know how difficult it can be to launch an online business, so we created DropShop to minimize the time our client needs to spend managing their online store. From developing websites to sourcing winning products, handling orders, and advertising ecommerce stores, there is no step of the online dropshipping business model that we can’t handle.

We pride ourselves on the highest level of customer service and site development quality to ensure our clients’ stores run smoothly. If you purchase a specialized DropShop store, you will have the flexibility to personally manage your store, or opt for DropShop’s specialized algorithms to source your products and automatically input and ship your customers’ orders. We are individuals who are excited to work in an industry that is only beginning to grow, and are driven to help people find success in the eCommerce space.

Our Origin

DropShop was founded early on during the COVID-19 pandemic. With vast numbers of people swept into quarantine, preventing them from going to work and shopping for goods, we realized the long-term potential for the eCommerce industry to grow as a source of income for an array of individuals. In turn, we founded DropShop as a way to create accessible infrastructure and service for eCommerce beginners to build and run successful dropshipping stores with as little input as possible. From building customized stores to managing product logistics and even managing advertising campaigns, we strive to provide a complete package of eCommerce products and services to ensure our clients’ success while minimizing their input.